Yukarı Çık


  • DAL Agro Park Co. is the developer of the agri-business project; DAL Agro Park Complexes.
  • DAL Agro Park Complexes are high technology greenhouses located in Kentau, Turkestan Region and Taraz, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan with area of 245 Hectares and 117 Hectares respectively.
  • The Complexes will create $ 320 million export potential per year and 4.300 jobs for the Kazakh Economy.
  • The Complexes are also planned to be constructed in several different regions of Kazakhstan other than Turkestan and Zhambyl.
  • DAL Agro Park Co. aims to attract international agricultural investors to the Region and let the agricultural business thrive.

Given the expertise of DAL and strong governmental support, investors will enjoy reduced capital expenditures and operational expenditures. The Project is tailored to reduce investor’s costs through the efficiencies of using one integrated service provider. It is the DAL Agro Park Company’s responsibility to make the investors focus solely on their crops and businesses; in order to do so, the rest will be handled by DAL Agro Park Co.

As the developer of the Agro Park, DAL Agro Park Co. will always be there
 to give technical assistance
 to help in developing long term business relations with customers
 to provide high quality supplies
 to establish sufficient infrastructure
 to boost the know-how of the greenhouse business owners and competence of the employees

Respect to Consumers:
The importance of a natural foods is now being fully grasped by Kazakh and neighbouring country consumers. As a result, the consumers increasingly opt for pesticides-free vegetables. Pesticides and harmful fertilizers used in the traditional farming are needless for the Greenhouse facilities due to advanced environment, crop and pest control systems. Carbon dioxide enrichment, artificial light and many other innovations enable vegetable production through the year within greenhouses. Thus, consumers are able to reach fresh and high quality vegetables sustained through the year by Greenhouse facilities.

Respect to nature:
The Greenhouse facility will have high technology equipments such as water recycling systems, high pressure misting systems for cooling. Innovative methods such as smart screening and optimized climate control techniques will be applied to reduce footprint and energy consumption.

Respect to community:
The Project will create jobs for about 4.300 person. The facilities will not only be a production center, but also become a vivid city inhabited by Greenhouse workers, suppliers, distribution and logistics service providers, truck drivers and visitors. In order to create a sustainable business for the stakeholders, every precaution will be taken prudently by DAL Agro Park. A centralised facility management system will be run by the DAL Agro Park providing catering services, accommodation, cleaning and security services.

Women’s place in the economic activities should be supported. For women with young children it is hard to work and look after their children. There will be kindergartens to promote women’s workforce participation. The project will make positive discrimination in favour of people with special needs and disabilities. Encouraging incentives and quotas in favour of employing people with special needs and disabilities shall be implemented. A training and research center will not only lead to tripartite interaction between industry-community-academia but also boost productivity of the greenhouse workers. The center will collaborate with universities and develop strong ties with research institutions in order to improve the greenhouses and products.

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