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We are capable of; designing, producing, integrating equipments, accomplishing turn-key projects, process analysis and optimisation with the best engineering team in Turkey.We have a strong R & D center that always welcomes sharp minds with fresh ideas. We have contributed to the technological advancement in every area that we are active.With our integrated technologies we are providing solutions on various areas; combining energy and agriculture, designing greenfield and brownfield projects, digitalization of process and optimization.
  • DAL Holding Investment Co. was founded in 1985, 35 years ago, aspired to relieve lack of electric motors and actuators for various industries in Turkey

  • Varying from analysis devices to sophisticated mills, the Holding had procured numerous equipments and has been representing many international brands in Turkish Market and also active in several industries

  • In 1990, the Holding established “DAL Electric Company” focusing on automation equipments which was suffering from mediocre quality those days. The achievements of this Venture were followed by Turkey’s first turn-key basis automation company in 1995, DAL Automation Company, which successfully satisfied Turkish Heavy Industry’s needs

  • Sparked with the success in meeting its commitments, the Holding became the first Turkish Company to get involved in the construction of a cement plant on turn-key basis. The company erected a Cement Plant for Oyak Cement in a short span of time in the 2000's, which was more than satisfactory. Several EPC projects have been accomplished since then, including state-of-art Jizzakh Plant in Uzbekistan, Heidelberg Cement Plant in Georgia and many more

  • The Holding grew into one of the world's leading engineering and contractor companies in industries including but not limited to cement, mining and energy

  • The Holding draws significant attention from several businesses and industries both globally and locally, owing to its achievements stemming from Turkish engineering

  • The Holding includes the following Companies which are among pioneers in their fields and are providing their technology globally:

    • DAL Technic Machinery Co.
    • DAL Machinery&Design Co.
    • DAL Electric Motors Co.
    • FONS Technology
    • DAL Electric Automation Co.
    • DAL Heavy Industries
    • DAL Agropark Co.
    • DAL Renewable Energy Investments and Technologies Co.
    • DAL Energy Hydroelectric Plants Co.
    • DAL Advanced Process Control

  • Today, DAL Holding Investment Co. continues to extend its scope all over the world and follows investment opportunities and prospective projects in South America, Africa, Far East, Middle East and Central Asia