Yukarı Çık


  • DAL Technic Machinery Co., the flagship of the Holding, was established in 1985 and it has been carrying out domestic and international projects on turnkey basis with 100 % Turkish Engineering since then

  • Total volume of annual production capacity of the commissioned projects in the cement industry is 8.5 million tons

  • Being the first and the only company with 100 % Turkish engineering, DAL Technic Machinery Co.leads the domestic market

  • The Company also remains robust in the international market while competing with European Technology companies and Chinese EPC contractors, securing its place in the top ten league of the Industry

100% Turkish Engineering
Annual production volume of the commissioned projects is 8.5 million tons
One of the leading ten companies in the world in the Industry

  • DAL Electric Motors Co was established in 1990

  • The Company focuses on tailor-made solutions to the cement, lime, mining, mineral resources, electricity and automation industry and provides technical service support

  • DAL Electric Motors Co is among the leading five companies in the industry world-wide, producing motors meeting the NEMA (The National Electrical Manufacturers Association of U.S.) standards

  • The Company is the distributor for well known brands such as WEG, Falk Rexnord and ISGEV

 Provides tailor-made solutions in various industries
 Turkish Representative of WEG, Falk Rexnord, ISGEV
 One of the leading five companies in the world

  • DAL Electric Automation Co. is in the business to serve for Turkish heavy industry since 1995

  • The Company is a turnkey contractor of; 
    • high and medium voltage transformer centers and distribution networks
    • low voltage distribution networks  
    • illumination systems
    • process control systems  
    • building automation systems  
    • cabling including grounding of electricity and automation systems

  • DAL Electric Automation Co. is a solution partner of Siemens, and busienss partners with ABB, Schneider and Eaton 

  • Apart from the cement industry, DAL Electric Automation Co. delivers solutions to Whitegoods, Steel, Automotive, Lime and Coal, Power Generation, Paper, Wood, Oil and Gas, Glass and Building Automation Industries

  • DAL Electric Automation Co. is one of the top five companies in its sector 

 Company was established 23 years ago
 A Turnkey contractor
 Solution partner: Siemens A&D
 Business partners: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Eaton
 One of the top five companies in the world

  • FONS Technology International produces clinker coolers with high productivity to the world cement market

  • FONS has solved frequently appearing issues relating to the economic and productivity loss of the clinker coolers in the operation processes by the help of improved Delta Cooler Technology

  • FONS Delta Cooler, SHUTTLE FLOOR or WALKING FLOOR with productive horizontal transportation system is more advanced than the current clinker coolers in the market


  • The company is the first patent applicant of this improved technological system

  • The headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey and there are offices in Denmark, India and Czech Republic and representative offices in Brazil and Jordan

 FONS is the first company in the world, which applied for patent in the technology of horizontal clinker cooler
 A Technology  developer
 Offices in five countries

  • DAL Machinery Design Co., as a technology providing company, accomplishes projects on turnkey basis by embracing creative ideas and the most economic and environment friendly solutions

  • The Company also provides Cement and Mineral Technologies / Industrial Services / Research & Development and Cement Factory Inspection Services


  • Manufacturer of iron oxide, magnesite salt and portland cement equipment


  • DAL Machinery Design Co. is among the top five in the sector

 Technology supplier
 Customized training provider
 One of the top five companies in the world

Dal Holding
Dal Holding
Dal Holding
Dal Holding
  • Located at 100 km south of Tashkent, Angren Free Economic Zone, DAL Heavy Industries Co. has a modern Plant constructed over 13 hectares area and has been commissioned in Summer 2018.
  • The current capacity is 12.000 tonnes per year and gradually will increase to 24.000 tpy in the second phase and to 30.000 tpy in the third phase.
  • DAL Heavy Industries is the most important metal construction company in the Region since it’s products fully complies with international standards such as ISO 3834-2.
  • Several construction projects are being implemented in the region by institutions such as IFC, EBRD and multinational corporations which requires the construction to comply with international standards. Higher quality of the products compared to local producers; lower transport costs and minimized operational risks compared to global producers will lead DAL Heavy Industries to become regional market leader.

100% Turkish Engineering
Global Companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation and MAN are customers of the Company
170 employees are working in the Company

  • One of the mission of the Holding is to encourage the use of environmental-friendly energy resources and low footprint energy generation. The Holding is fully devoted to Research & Development to increase the potency and feasibility of renewable energy technologies and low footprint energy generation

  • DAL Renewable Energy Investment and Technologies Co. is investing all over the world in such projects on turn key basis and provides technological support services

  • Today, energy projects are not only being implemented in developed counties but also in the regions with adversities in reaching energy, so that the renewable sources meets the necessary energy needs. The underlying reason is to promote the growth of the community by increasing their life quality and providing ample energy for the industry in the region

  • Sun City: The solar power plant is a concept city where all the steps are carried out by hand delivered on a turnkey basis. With the modular installation, it is possible to make industrial investments even in the most difficult geographical areas using the site which will be formed from the residences that can live in the local population as a solar power plant at the same time

  • Solar Housing: All projects and applications of houses that can meet their needs completely independently from the renewable energy regardless of the network

  • Solar Tracking System Mechanisms: Such aplications may increase productivity up to 35% 


  • The Company aims aleap forward in energy efficiency by using hybrid-inverter systems, advanced solar and grid systems working synchronously


  • The Company also makes R&D works which will increase the efficiency of bioenergy plants. A significant drop in the cost and size of the bioenergy plants will enable installation of such technologies all over the world

 Increase productivity with Research&Development activities
 Meeting energy needs even in the most difficult geographies
 Turnkey solutions all over the World

  • DAL Energy Hydroelectric Plants Co. is a new member of the Holding. It holds energy production licence from Energy Market Regulatory Authority and is currently investing on a Hydroelectric Plant

  • The Holding recognizes the positive aspects of Hydroelectric Power. Hydroelectric power is a green source of energy as hydroelectric power plants does not cause any pollution. Besides Hydroelectric power is a renewable energy source, contrary to fossil fuels. Hydroelectric power also decreases foreign dependency, helping the economy to improve

  • The Holding intends to repeat the success of the group companies and deepen their expansion in energy industry